Meet the Artzi Kids!

Get to know our fun and unique Artzi Kids. Each one has their own talents and goals yet they love to draw and paint too. Artzi Kids are all friends that follow the motto, "Friends that create together, stay together." They support each other's dreams and ambitions. They respect each other's differences and celebrate them!

Each of our creative characters has a creative Artzi Pet too. Get to know these adorable little friends. Learn stories as well as art lessons about them too! Scroll down to get to know them.

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Our main character Allie is a fun loving, big hearted girl who wants to be an artist! She spends most of her time drawing and painting. Allie's favorite things to draw are animals and nature. Her best friend is her Artzi Pet Kloey the long haired dachshund! Allie loves all the Artzi Kids, but her closest friends are Preston, Kayla and Missy.

Her first storybook "Allie the Artist The Spring Art Contest" is available online and her plush collectible doll and art kit will be available for purchase soon!


Preston is our athletic Artzi Kid who loves to paint just as much as play sports. His favorite thing to do is ride his skateboard that he painted himself! He enjoys hanging out and creating with his closest friends Allie and Jake. Although Preston is very active during the day he enjoys painting at his easel after dinner to help him relax. his favorite art lesson is The Soccer Ball!

Preston's best friend is his buddy Brock who is always by his side.

Read all about Preston and how he rescued Brock in their first storybook coming soon!



Fashion savvy Savannah is our most stylish Artzi Kid. her main goal is to become a fashion designer but she loves to draw and paint too! Savannah isn't afraid to show off her own hand made clothes and even makes them for her best friend Ruby. Savannah's pet is Diva the cat who enjoys wearing the latest in cat fashion.

Savannah's favorite thing to draw is anything fashionable but especially her own dress designs. Her favorite art lesson is the Peep Toe Shoe. Try it out and see if you like it too!


Artzi Kid Kayla loves the water and plans on becoming an underwater photographer someday! She enjoys learning about marine life and scuba diving. She has fun going to the local aquarium with her family. When she isn't studying the water she likes to draw and paint, especially sea life and mermaids! Her Artzi pet is her little beta fish Rosie. Kayla has fun feeding her and watching her swim. Her best friends are Allie and Missy but kind Kayla loves to spend time with all the Artzi Kids!

Her favorite art lesson to practice is the Pencil Dolphin Lesson!



Ruby is our most imaginative Artzi Kid! She loves to write fantasy stories and act them out too. She wishes she had a unicorn. Although he's not a unicorn, Ruby's Artzi pet is Milo the bearded dragon and when he's not in his tank he follows Ruby everywhere! Ruby hopes to be a writer and an actress on Broadway someday.

Ruby loves to read, draw, and paint too. Her favorite art lesson to practice is Unicorn and Heart!

She spends most of her time playing dress up with her best friend Savannah.


Jake is our musical Artzi Kid! He's a great singer and enjoys playing his guitar. When he isn't entertaining the other Artzi Kids he is performing for his pet bird Ella. She sings along too! Jake wants to travel and hopes to take his musical talents to cities all over the world someday. He likes to draw and paint too.

His favorite art lesson is The Eiffel Tower. Jake also enjoys playing sports and games with his best friend Preston. Artzi pets Brock and Ella are best friends too!



Missy is our sweetest Artzi Kid! She loves to bake all kinds of desserts. Missy hopes to run her own bakery someday but for now she enjoys treating the Artzi Kids to her specially baked creations! She enjoys painting and drawing too especially with her best friends Allie and Kayla.

Her favorite desserts are cake and cupcakes. Her favorite art lesson is "Party Cake!" Her cuddly little Artzi Pet Sugar the lop eared bunny is always near her especially when she's baking.