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Artzi Kids are all young artists that love to be creative and are looking to learn new drawing skills. Our fun Artzi Kids characters are super creative and inspire young artists to never give up thier dreams!

Developed by Artist and Art instructor Linda Sperruzzi, the website is loaded with fun step by step drawing lessons she developed for the students at her studio, The Painted Canvas, on Long Island, N.Y. The lessons are easy to follow, in book style, so no videos to pause and no advertisements to distract from learning. Lessons are created regularly to challenge and develop skills for all ages!

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Allie the Artist has her first storybook available on Amazon and other retailers. Read about how she loves to draw and paint... All the time, Everywhere, and on almost Everything! She is a true artist but has a hard time concentrating on anything else. When she decides to draw during class instead of listening to her teacher, she misses a chance to enter the spring art contest.  Our little artist learns that being honest is more important than winning in her first fun picture book. Signed Hardcover or unsigned paperback book now available on Amazon and Amazon Prime as well as many quality toystores!

Collectable doll

Collect our adorable plush Allie the Artist doll! Included in each gift box is an 8" by 10" step by step butterfly art lesson, plush doll and large sketch journal for your little artist to enjoy. Based on the Allie the Artist The Spring Art Contest Book this fun gift set is sure to inspire your artist to create everyday!

Now available on Amazon and Amazon prime as well as many quality toystores!

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